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K-Lite Codec Pack 11.1.7

K-Lite Codec Pack is the largest codec pack allowing you to play any video
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In the past it has been a pain to configure your software in order to watch a video in a non-standard format. Universal players do not always universally support everything. In order to decode the video signal, you need codecs. And here, codec packs come into play.

K-Lite Codec Pack is currently the largest and most effective codec pack allowing you to play almost any kind of videos on almost any video player. It supports DirectShow filters, VFW/ACM codecs, and almost every tool you need for playback. It can be downloaded fast and easy since the installation file is quite small. Then you can install the pack automatically or adjust installation settings including several special options or leaving out some formats and extensions you don't want. This is especially useful if you have any conflicting media software like older versions of DivX. A blacklist of incompatible software is available.

K-Lite is very comfortable to use since it includes so much and never truly becomes obsolete. It is updated frequently, and if you have any problems with the current version, just download a newer one, and you will be able to easily update the codec pack.

K-Lite is available in many versions, from the light version for inexperienced users who just want to watch a video, to full versions for people working with rare video formats.

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  • Easy to use
  • Supports almost any format
  • Flexible configuration
  • Frequent updates


  • Has compatibility issues with some programs
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