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K-Lite Codec Pack 11.4.5

K-Lite Codec Pack is the world's most famous codec pack for media files
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Codec packs have become so common that many people already forgot how revolutionary they were when users had to configure their systems to watch videos in formats aside from a couple of those supported by default and also find a video player that would work with a new variety of formats.

K-Lite Codec Pack takes care of both of these problems and does it so good that it's currently the most popular codec pack in the world. K-Lite Codec Pack can effectively provide media playback of music and video files in most of the formats used today. It is compatible with most major media players, but supports its own Media Player Classic provided along with the pack. It supports DirectShow filters, VFW/ACM codecs, and almost every other extension and format you need for playback, both of HD videos and older compressed ones, as well as both low-quality and uncompressed audio.

It is downloaded for free and installed with options to select or deselect packs for most of the supported formats. There's also the option to install the codec pack automatically or simply adjust the installation settings including several special options. For example, this can be used to solve the issue of the pack conflicting with older versions of DivX or Quicktime. A blacklist of incompatible software is available.

K-Lite is very comfortable to use: it includes so much but never comes obsolete. The team behind K-Lite Codec Pack provides regular updates adding new formats and removing possible glitches, both in the codecs and the media player.

The most common way to deal with any issues of K-Lite Codec Pack is downloading a new version, as it will most likely be working perfectly. For people too lazy to troubleshoot, like me, this is the biggest advantage software can have.

All in all, we already know that K-Lite Codec Pack is a must-have. But it's always nice to see it stay at the top.

James Lynch
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  • Wide range of supported formats
  • Stability
  • Regular updates


  • Compatibility issues with older media codecs
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