K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite Codec Pack 9.3

K-Lite Codec Pack contains a lot of codecs and tools to play videos
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K-Lite Codec Pack contains a lot of codecs and tools that help you play videos properly.
There is a lot of multimedia files on the Internet nowadays. Your computer can show them all, but sometimes the codecs that it needs are not installed. By using this package, you will have all the tools to view videos on your computer.

When you run the downloaded file, it will install Media Player Classic Home Cinema into your system. This player is based on Windows Media Player, but it is more compatible, and lighter than it. The pack includes some DirectShow video and audio decoding filters, such as LAV or fddshow, and DirectShow source filters, as Gabest, LAV or Haali. You can choose the decoders or source filter that you want to use with each one of the formats. The pack will also install some tools, as the Codec Tweak Tool, Win7DSFilterTweaker, Mediainfo Lite, GraphStudioNext and VobSubStrip, and the Icaros shell extensions.

While performing the installation, you can configure some parameters of the codecs, as well as set icons for the components to display them on the desktop. It is also possible to choose the decoder you will use for Hardware Acceleration, and which player you will associate with a given file format. It is also possible to choose the speakers' configuration.
Once you install this pack, the system will use the proper codecs to play the multimedia files.
I have used this Codec Pack for years. I've had no problems to play every type of multimedia files since I began using it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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